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Support Organisations

The organisations names in this list act as a link to their respective websites.

Although we try to ensure that all the following links are up to date, there may be times when the listed site is unavailable, moved or has been taken down. Should you have difficulties in linking to a site, you may find it searching Google and entering the name.

Beaumont Trust
BM Charity
London WC1N 3XX
Helpline: 07000 287878 (Tues &Thurs 21.00-23.00)
An educational charity. For transvestites. Also some MTF transsexual people. Information available on all aspects of transgender, talks etc.

Belfast Butterflies Club
PO Box 210
Belfast BT1 1BG
Northern Ireland

Helpline: 028 9267 3720 (Wednesdays 8pm to 10pm).

Meetings per month in Belfast (first and third Tuesdays), Londonderry (second and fourth Tuesdays) and Lisburn (our HQ) every Wednesday, all starting at 8pm. Website is updated monthly.

Clare Project
Community Base
113 Queens Road
Brighton BN1 3XG
Email: stephscott2 at hotmail.com

The Clare Project aims to provide a safe and confidential place for people to explore issues surrounding their gender identity. Whilst the group is mainly attended by transgender, transsexual and gender Dysphoric people, we have deliberately aimed to be all-inclusive as we recognize the complexities surrounding the issue of Gender Identity. Weekly drop-in at
Dorset Gardens Methodist Church and social meetings held at the Malborough, 4 Princes Street, Brighton BN2 1RD. See website for details.

Crissy Wild.com
The best known transgender library online. Where to go, what to see, who to date, medical, news and views.

BM Depend
London WC1N 3XX
No helpline
Email: info at depend.org.uk (General Enquiries)

A network linking friends, partners and families of transsexual people in the UK

Edinburgh Trans Women Support Group
c/o LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing
9 Howe Street
Edinburgh EH3 6TE
Tel: Leave messages on 0131 523 1100
Email: info at edinburghtranswomen.org.uk

A new group in Edinburgh providing support and social contacts for male to female transsexual women. The group is aimed at transsexual women at any stage of transition or women who are transgendered and live as women full-time or part-time. New people are welcome to join the group. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland but open to trans women wishing to travel to to the group. Meets on the first Saturday of the month from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at the LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing

Equality & Human Rights Commission
The Equality and Human Rights Commission acts not only for the disadvantaged, but for everyone in society, and can use its new enforcement powers where necessary to guarantee people’s equality. It also has a mandate to promote understanding of the Human Rights Act.

3 More London, Riverside Tooley Street, London SE1 2RG
Tel: 0203 117 0235
Helpline:0845 604 6610
Email: info at equalityhumanrights.com

Cardiff (temporary office)
3rd floor, Capital Tower, Greyfriars Road, Cardiff CF10 3AG
Tel: 02920 66 3710
Helpline: 0845 604 8810
Email: wales at equalityhumanrights.com

3rd floor, Capital Tower, Greyfriars Road, Cardiff CF10 3AG
Tel: 0141 228 5910
Helpline: 0845 604 5510
Email: scotland at equalityhumanrights.com

Arndale Centre, Manchester M4 3EQ
Tel: 0161 829 8100
Helpline: 0845 604 6610
Email: info at equalityhumanrights.com

FTM Brighton
FTM Brighton is a new group for trans men in Brighton and the surrounding area. For anyone who identifies on the trans-masculine spectrum. The group meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Terrence Higgins Trust offices on Ship Street, Brighton.
For more info FTMBrighton at hotmail.co.uk

FTM London
FTM London, BCM FTM London, London WC1N 3XX
Tel: 0794 825 0778
Email: info at ftmlondon.org.uk

FTM London started in 1997 as a peer support group for female to male transgender or transsexual people. Comprised of trans guys, genderqueer people, and all those who are questioning their gender identity who were previously assigned female. Although based in central London, many attend meetings from further afield. FTM London the of the largest face to face groups in the country.

FTM Network
No Postal Address
Helpline: 0161 432 1915. Weds. only 20.00-22.30 (for support and ‘buddying’ info)

National organisation for female to male transsexual people. Annual meeting. Excellent newsletter. May be able to put people in touch with families, partners etc.

Gendered Intelligence
BCM GI, London, WC1N 3XX
Transgender youth and education project.

Gender Essence
No postal address (email for more information)
Tel: 028 94 469 857 (Mon-Fri 1-3pm)
Email: info at genderessence.co.uk

Based in Belfast and staffed by fully qualified, professional counsellors, gender Essence offers sign posting, ethical referrals, contracted counselling, face to face listening ear and contracted couples counselling services to those who are lesbian, gay, transgender or transsexual adults. They also offer support to young people under 18 years who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual and going through a stressful or difficult time in their life. Gender Essence acts as a regional contact for The Gender Trust.

Gender Matters
PO Box 5168
Wolverhampton, WV1 9HJ.
Tel: 0844 870 0178
Email: Email contact form on website

Gender Matters is a registered charity providing support and information to the West Midlands and bordering areas. It is fully inclusive to all trans people, their families, friends and professionals.

Gendys Network
BM Gendys
London WC1N 3XX
No helpline yet

For all transsexual people. May be able to put people in touch with wives, partners etc.

The Warren
Surrey KT2 I 2SP
Tel: 01372 801554
Email: admin at gires.org.uk

Gender Identity Research and Education Society (not a support group. but has information available for the families of trans-people and for trans-parents seeking custody of or access to their children.)

Inner Enigma
PO Box 52
West Yorkshire
OL14 7WU
Tel: 0845 838 1264
Email: inner-enigma at freeuk.com

A trans-support group based in Manchester which aims to reduce isolation and loneliness, and alleviate anxieties commonly experienced by most people in the trans community.

Lancashire Lads
FTM Trans male group. An informal group for Trans men in all stages of transition in and around the Lancashire area
E-mail only: lancashirelads[AT]googlegroups.com

Looking Glass Society
Good website re: transsexualism. Mainly MTF. Has explanatory and medical details about transgender. Good downloads (NB This organistion is no longer active. The website remains merely for information)

LGBT-Disability Social Group

LGBT-Disability Social Group is an active group of friends who have a disability of some sort who get together to celebrate life and have two things very much in common, They have a disability: Mind, Body or Spirit and are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or Transgender.

New members are very much welcomed the more people we have the more activities we can take part in as it widens the interest we have.

we meet once a month to organise our events, Have coffee and chat at Disability Solutions, Pelham Street, Hanley


BM Mermaids
London WC1N 3XX
Help Line: 07020 935066 12.00-21.00 when staffed
Email: mermaids at freeuk.com

For children and teenagers who have gender identity problems, their families, friends, carers, professionals etc.

A facilitated weekly peer support group for trans people with experience of mental health issues. For further information contact MindOut on info at lgbtmind.com or phone 01273 66695

New Road Parental Support Group

We are a group of parents in South Birmingham and Worcestershire whose children have ‘come out’ to us as gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender (LGBT). We may have more than one such child!

01527 832492

National Trans Police Association
A newly formed association to primarily give support to all within the police service that have a gender issue, or have come across a family member or member of the public.

Northern Concord
P0 Box 258
Manchester M60 1LN
Email: jennyb at northernconcord.org.uk

Social and self-help group – for all TV/TS/CD/TG, wives and partners. Weekly meetings

Personal Support Group (Middleborough)
Tel: 01642 803607 (Lesley)
Email: elvira at hotmail.co.uk

For people who identify as, Transgender, Cross-Dresser, Intersex. A new group which meets on the 2nd Monday of each month to offer a safe space for you to meet others, share advice, information, meet new friends and combat the isolation many face.

Positively Women
347-349 City Road
London EC1V 1LR
Tel: 0207 713 0444
Email: info at positivelywomen.org.uk

Positively Women is the only national charity providing support for women living with HIV by women living with HIV. Providing specialist support by women living with HIV. Enabling women to make informed choices. Challenging stigma and discrimination.
Trans women are welcome.

Press For Change
BM Network
London WC1N 3XX

Not a support group, but a political pressure group dedicated to achieving full civil equality for trans-people. Information packs available. Very good for legal info, regarding transgender issues (e.g. employment rights etc.). Comprehensive website

SPES Community Counselling
Tel: 0845 812 4123 (09:00-18:00)
Email: info at spescounselling.com or crisis at spescounselling.com

Spes consists of a dedicated, caring, cross community team of professionally qualified volunteer counsellors who specialise in crisis interventions including those involving children and young people under 18 years. Spes, constrained only by their project resources, will aid any person in emotional despair in the Greater West Belfast area. This, irrespective of gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, political affiliation, race, age, ethnic origin, class, creed, or learning disability.

Stop Hate UK
Tel: 0800 138 1625 (24hr)
Email: info at stophateuk.org

Stop Hate UK is a unique charity, raising awareness of all types of hate crime and supporting the individuals and communities that are affected by it. Based in Leeds it works with members of the local community there, and supports people anywhere in the UK who experience hate crime through the 24-hour helpline, the Stop Hate Line.

Trans London
Email: admin at translondon.org.uk

Trans London is a discussion/support group for all members of the trans community, whatever their gender identity (or identities) and whatever stage in their transition they have reached (if at all). However, all members must themselves be trans-identified or questioning. The group meets on the third tuesday of every month at 7.30pm at Gay’s The Word Bookshop, 66, Marchmont Street, London,

Project 102
Dickson Road
Blackpool, FY1 2BU
Tel: 07833 161132
Email: info at transinclusion.org

Dedicated to promoting awareness of the issues affecting transsexuals and people with gender identity disorders.

Transliving International
P0 Box 3
Essex SS14 1PT
Helpline: 01268 583761 Mon-Fri 09.00-20.00

For MTF transsexuals and transvestites

Transsexual Women’s Resources
Dr. Anne Lawrence’s comprehensive and authoratative site for anything medical. USA based

No Postal Address
Email: info at westernboys.org
Tel: 0781 181 4302

A group offering guidance and support for all female to male (FTM) identified people. The group is for those at any stage of transition from those still considering their gender identity to people who have completed their transition. You don’t have to be living in the area – if you’re just visiting you’re still welcome to come along. Meetings on the third Saturday of each month (except in December) from 6.30 – 9pm. Contact to find out more details.

WOBS (Women of The Beaumont Society)
No Postal Address
Email: WOBSMatters at aol.com
Helpline: 01223 441246 (Diane)

Supporting and understanding the needs of all women in an intimate, familial or social relationship with a gender dysphoric person. Educating and informing all persons who are interested in learning about them.